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Tuesday, March 02, 2004



Hey there, my name is Aaron and I'm from London UK. Just stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for something and thought you guys sounded cool so I stuck you in my favourites! Will keep in touch. Check out my blog

God bless!!!!!!


still waiting....


...and while you are in Ohio you can jump on over to the Miller clan's new home in Indianapolis Indiana.

Peace be with the Stuarts


we keep you in our prayers and send great thoughts your way!
hope the gang is enjoying the sun and getting back into the swing of school!
we'd welcome you guys in ohio anytime!
love to all ! lilly


yuh guyz still rock! hope you're getting reintegrated into home culture and that the good things received on the journey will continue to distill themselves out for you. rock on, on the Rock!

p.s. the kangaroo road sign magnet is still on our fridge here in austin ... y'all ... ;-)

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