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Sunday, February 08, 2004



b days over all ready....I see you're trying to milk this for all it's worth...when r ya gonna blog again and let us know whats goin on in the lives of the fab Staurt clan?!


happy birthday! i was just wondering what you were up to. hope you celebrate in style-- you deserve it.


ohmugosh, my dyslexia kicked in when i just read heather's comment and the "secret code" revealed itself to me: OLD GOAT spelled sideways can either be GOLD OAT, or TOAD GOO. wow. you aren't either one of those, are you, doctor bruce? also re-spells as TOLD AGO, but that wasn't a particularly meaningful secret message, so i put that one aside and am working on the others. huh. whatever showed up, i'm sure good things were intended! and i'm hopin' that your post-birthday has been as fun as you real birthday, cuz you rock!


hAPPY belated B-DAY YOU OLD GOAT! Hope you had fun!

rob lewin

Just a pup! no worries!


Me too ...
Happy Birthday young man!!
Hope it's a good year for ya


Happy Birthday old man!!!
Hope it's a good year for ya

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