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Wednesday, January 14, 2004



agree with pete. maybe combine the two and find some peeps who are human caffeine to you!


I agree with Brad, lots of coffees with friends. talk it out, let it out & above all relax.....


culture shock ... jet lag ... intense and short period of anticipatory grief, knowing you were going back ... whoa! recipe for exhaustion, moodiness, and perhaps a need for a whole lotta naps, desserts, coffee with friends, and what otherwise would come off as complete cliches except they come from people you know/love you and already know the kinds of things you're experiencing. okay * cliche ahead warning * 'you will survive this. you will be okay. you will come to a place where you can refine the experience and find the good and the gold in it, and not be bound to the bad. so hang in there. there is a much much bigger picture involved than any of us will ever know. it's okay to keep asking questions and not to get the answers you want, or even to get answers at all right now. perhaps you'll eventually know a bit more clearly how the lives of others and yourselves have been forever altered by the journey you've just been on. * end of cliches. for the mo. blessings - b-


praying for you guys in the WHAT NOW? stage, and knowing that God will open up paths, just as He has always done.
thinking of you heaps. envying the hot weather. missing the laughs.

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