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Saturday, December 06, 2003



Hi Chelsea - we haven't met - but i'm a perth bloke and a mate of your dad's!
Gutsy post - very Aussie of you to say it straight like that - I really appeciated your honesty and clarity.
We have just done a big move back home as missionaries and I often wonder what my little girl is thinking and feeling.
I wonder if she will see her parents as passionate Jesus followers or nutbags who messed up her life and made her do weird things?
Your post has really grabbed my heart and got me thinking about how my own kids are doing in ma much less testing environment.


Hey Chel, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time of it! Know that all of us back here at youth group are thinking of you! I have to tell you that I admire the fact that you guys had the courage to leave the safety of home to minister in a place that is so foreign to the way of life you know. Hang in there Chel cause even though it doesn't seem like it God does have great things planned for you. I know it's hard to figure out why He does things the way He does them sometimes & that we wonder why He'd let it hurt so much if He loves us but remember that He sees the big picture that we can't and He won't give us more that we can handle, He'll bring you through it. I hope you feel better soon chicky. Love & hugs from the land of Oz. :)


hey chelsea, i have a lot of the same questions and frustrations about my own recent (crazy) move to texas (except maybe the part about the meat. they have lots here.). i've been at six different addresses in the last 10 weeks. i don't have a cell phone so friends haven't been able to call, and i can't call them unless i find a phone to borrow. some of my mail got lost, or sent to my old address. nothing is familiar, except a few peopel. i don't have a car, haven't learned the area yet, and if i walk more than six blocks away i'll be lost, with no phone to call anyone to come rescue me. etc. etc. etc.

culture shock is rough no matter who we are, and i'm even older than ... err ... umm ... your dad! sorry it's been so rough. but hang in there. i need to know i'm not alone in this ...

so, thanx for posting about what's happening, chelsea. and when i look at the little yellow diamond-shaped magnet your dad gave me in January (it says "kangaroo's next 4 KM" and it's on our refrigerator), i'll try to remember to pray for ALL of you in the Stuart clan this week!


Hey girl, I hear your cries, and feel your pain. I hear your frustration, and I wish I were close to give you the biggest hug ever! I wish I could do more than respond to your post......God has a plan, and he will shine it out in due time. I have to remind myself of this everyday. I too have a lot of things I want to do, and it seems as though I'm trapped. Hang in there. Most of the time we don't see what God has planned until it already happened. I must admit I'm kind of jeolous. I've been stuck in this small town where the christians are too stuck on trends than loving relationships. Plus, all of the places you're experiencing, and the history of it all. Soak it in while you can. And girl, I'll pray for you in every way I can. Moving around like that can't be easy. I hope God will provide the comfort that you need. I hope we can keep in touch. Take care!

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