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Sunday, November 23, 2003



Hi sarah thank you for sharing. Your experiences make vivid reading who knows maybe one day you will write a book too. It is a privelige and pleasure to share your lives and certainly in my world of one day at a time at the moment helps.



hi sara,
good to hear what you lot have been up to - hopefully will meet up with you all again sometime soon, no doubt in another european city...
bea's knitting is coming along well too.
thanks for writing,


sarah and bruce! we love you guys! and wish you and the jones family a very wonderful thanksgiving! glad you found both the pumpkin and the turkey on your journey. we do and we will continue to pray for peace and wisdom for you and your future day at a time is soooo hard for me! learning each day how to release my control into HIS hands..but i am not very good at it! the lewin clan is heading to kentucky for turkey day...we are going to visit asbury seminary and hunter who heads up the school of world mission there. we are thinking more and more about what is next for feels like we are in those last few weeks of pregnancy when it is so uncomfortable and you feel like the birth will never happen! it will be interesting to see what the next year brings to all of us! mac and hudson say hello ...they are still pricing flights to prague and hope to visit you some day to you! Lilly

neill (in sheffield)

hi sarah, have not ever properly spoken to you, but i do really enjoy your posts. to be honest, it is rare that i can bother to read a blog post more than a hundred words, but your thoughts are captivating and make me excited about what God is doing in all your lives!

have a fantastic day.


hi sass. yeah, culture shock, change overload, experiencing the re-cycles of our own fallenness, experiencing the reactions from another country's unredeemed trauma ... it can be overwhelming, no matter how young/old we are in age or in the Lord! praying God will continue unfolding His pathway of peace in the midst of the intensity. // p.s.1. thanx for the laugh about the turkey - have a great thanksgiving! // p.s.2. great photos!


dear heather and scotty, thanks very much for your encouragment and promice of prayer. you never know when your going to blog whether or not your going to encourage someone or whether it's just for yourself. i'm glad that you get me. love sarah.


Peace to you Sarah. You inspire us.


Hey girl, I'm not too sure what to say but I'll just let it come as it goes. I guess I would first say that I feel your sincerity (sp?) and your worries, and I may be wrong about this, but even some loneliness. The worries can drag you down deeper and deeper. Prayer is always necessity, and I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers. The anxiety can be over whelming. I still get times where I get so wrapped up in it that I can barely breathe. One thing I hope you realize though is that you are brave. You all have placed your lives specifically in Gods hands and that takes a lot. I'm still trying to get myself to that place. Please know this: We love you all so much and will keep you in our hearts. Also I think its ABSOLUTLY WONDERFUL of how much fun you are having with teaching your children!

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