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We are Sarah and Bruce Stuart. We have 4 great kids - Chelsea 15, Daniel 13, Matthew 11 and Beau 8 - all of whom are getting older by the minute.

We are currently involved in bringing 'Pastoral Care' to the business world under the banner of - Access Corporate Communications (ACC)

With an increase in the hours people are working and the stress placed upon us, something has to give, and more often than not, it is our family and relationships. More and more employers are realizing the value of caring for their employees within the workplace. Although we all like to believe that we are professionals, we are not robots and we do bring personal issues and personality conflicts into the workplace. The cost of employee absence and bullying to Australian business has been put as high as $10 billion and $36 billion respectfully - and it’s on the rise!

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is not new in the corporate world; however, they are under used and therefore not as effective as they could be. In most cases the employee is forced to ask for access to the EAP through their office manager or human resource supervisor. The other issue is that most EAP’s offer crisis counselling, which is often not necessary.

ACC’s philosophy is more about building relationships within the workplace. More often than not, what we really need is a friendly, non-judgmental, confidential ear. Some one that we can sit and share our journey with, someone able to offer us another perspective – without agenda - a fellow traveller who has and continues to taste life’s ups and downs, its joys and sorrows. - In a real way, this is what we all really want.

As Dr Larry Crabb says, “Every day – in the bedroom and the boardroom, on golf carts and jumbo jets, in coffee shops and small groups – people are talking. People chat, argue, gossip, flatter, manoeuvre, preach, strategize and tell wonderful stories. But too often it’s only talk – and seldom the kind of meaningful conversations for which we were designed.”

ACC’s motto is “Advocating a Culture of Care in your workplace”, whether that is through an on site carer coming into your workplace, Professional Coaching, a staff training program that will build a community of care within your business or through group facilitation. ACC can - with your incite and help - come into your workplace, evaluate your business’s specific needs and supply a guaranteed program.

We at ACC believe that this philosophy must spread within the wider business community. Sharing, encouraging and brainstorming together for every ones mutual benefit is vital. It is very important to know you are not alone. So why not let us help make the most of your business community.

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